Learn your personal constitution and how to care for your doshas through diet, lifestyle and personally tailored herbal formulations. 

Includes initial intake and Report of Findings appointment. Plan for about 2 hours initially and 1 hour for the ROF appointment.



Stay on track and continue becoming the healthier and more balanced version of yourself.

$75, 1 hour


Gentle energetic touch is used to massage warm herbal oils into the body with a focus on encouraging the healthy flow and harmonizing of the life force energy or Prana. Abhyanga is one of the most important therapies in ayurvedic bodywork and has a multitude of positive benefits. Abhyanga nourishes and tones the body, improves immunity, increases circulation, stimulates the internal organs, creates softness and strength throughout the body, supports healthy skin, supports good sleep, increases longevity and it decreases the effects of aging.

$75, 1.25 hours

$40, 45 min.



(Abhyanga strongly recommended)

Warm herbal oil, specially medicated to sooth and calm the mind and invigorate the senses, is poured in a steady stream over the forehead with a focus on third eye or Ajna Chakra. This subtly stimulates the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands creating opportunity for healing of the mind, sense organs and head region. Shirodhara is deeply relaxing, alleviates stress and can result in profound meditative experiences.

$75, 30 min.


(Abhyanga recommended) 

A dough dam made of chickpea flour is built over the chakra of choice. Warm herbal oils are poured in, creating a safe and nurturing opportunity for healing. Energy work and intention setting are used to gently encourage the process. 

$35, 20 min.


(Abhyanga recommended)

A large dough dam is built over the lower back. Warm herbal oils are poured in along with energy work and intention setting, allowing for a soothing and nourishing experience aimed towards low back pain, healing for the sacral chakra and relief of vata type digestive issues.

$40, 20 min.



Includes an invigorating shoulder, chest, neck, face and head massage followed by an herbal facial steam. Next more facial massage is applied and nasya treatment is administered (nasal oils), followed by netra tarpina (ghee eye bath and herbal smoke treatment), kavalagraha (herbal and salt gargle), and Karna Purana (warm herbal oil in the ears). 

Great for removing impurities and obstructions from the throat, sinuses, head, eyes and ears. Benefits cognitive function, balances prana (lifeforce energy), purges and rejuvenates tissues and organs of the head and neck, decreases dryness and congestion and heightens the senses. These therapies benefit any disease of the eye, nose, ear or throat. 

$95, 1 hour

*Each of the above therapies can be included a la carte to any other treatment session upon request. 


Intention, mantra and gentle massage of sacred energetic points throughout the body allow for healthy flow of life force energy or prana. Special transdermal creams and/or oils are used to create a deeply satisfying and balancing experience. An important therapy for the entire spectrum of health issues.. 

$135, 1.5 hours


Head, neck, face and foot massage, herbal warm towel compress, upper body and facial marma sequences using herbal transdermal creams.

Allow the channels of your face and body to relax, open and flow while alleviating stress and tension. Enjoy tapping into deeper states of awareness as your inner beauty shines through.

1 hr. $85



A nourishing warm oil massage (Abhyanga-see above) followed by heated boluses, made from grains, herbs and milks, are used to firmly massage the entire body. Pinda will help to improve muscle tone, increase circulation, improve complexion and quality of the skin, restore vigor, move toxins out of fat and muscle tissue, release inflammation, relieve stress and more. Shower included. 

*This treatment requires advance notice, as there is preparation time involved. 

$170, 2 hours


This treatment begins with a nourishing warm oil massage (Abhyanga- see description above). Next warm herbal paste is vigorously massaged over the entire body. The invigorating strokes and rough consistency of the paste promote circulation and detoxification as they stimulate the lymphatic fluid to move in the direction of the heart. The skin will feel amazingly soft and smooth. This stimulating treatment is especially beneficial for kapha symptoms but can be tailored for all body types. Shower included. 

$160, 2 hours



Two practitioners skillfully work together for the ultimate healing experience. Receive a traditional warm herbal oil massage, called abhyanga, while simultaniously having your energy field cleared and balanced. An optional chakra basti may be added to work even deeper into any chakra.

1 hour, $150 

With chakra basti 1.25 hrs., $185


Destress, relax and clear away unnecessary baggage. Two practitioners work together to help you hit the restart button! Warm herbal oil is poured over your third eye and forehead, gently stimulating your pituitary gland to award you with a feeling of deep relaxation and to allow a meditative experience. Simultaniously the koshas, or energetic bodies, will be cleared and balanced leaving you feeling peaceful, grounded, and more yourself.

Weekly or monthly sessions recommended for those with a higher stress lifestyle or those suffering from headaches, migraines, anxiety or sleeplessness.

30 min., $125

Package of three, $325

Package of five, $500


Initional consultation highly recommended (see above).

Includes instructional consultation, recipes, regular check-ins and support, 3 days of body treatments, cleansing and nutritive bastis. All tailored to match the constitution and needs of the individual.




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